It's Alive..It's Alive

It's Alive!! It's Alive!! Finally, my new website/blog is up and running! Like many photographers/entrepreneurs we wear many hats. We are the head of marketing, accounting, logistics, operations, production, etc... Sometimes, certain items take a back seat. When we are busy with work, we don't always think about the importance of telling others what we have been up to or giving ourselves a shout out. I'm, happy to give my website a long overdue facelift, replace some outdated images with some more up current work, and also showcase some of the amazing clients I get to work with! Even though I have been shooting for 10+ years, this may be first time you have heard of me or visited my site.  If this is your first time, welcome and thanks for visiting!  I will do my best to feed my blog, but feel free to also head over to my FB page/Instagram accounts. They are often updated with my daily work and shenanigans!

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